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Die Sehnsucht, dem eigenen Alltag zu entfliehen, treibt alljährlich Massen von einem Kontinent zum anderen. Wohin treibt es sie? Was suchen und was finden sie? Ich hab mich im Netz umgeschaut.

MArk and Pat's vacation in Austria 2nd to 8th June 2001.This is us, at the lake fronting Hellbrunnerschloss...Salzburg in a sense is a mini-Vienna, there are lots of imposing castles and palaces, and stupendous cathedrals. and yes, the cake. The cake may also be found in Salzburg, in fact it's still made from the original finger-licking recipe (no, maybe that was something else...dementia is a hazard for some of us).there was Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, and here by the water is a mini-weekend home for pleasure and petty frolicking. By the way, don't be misled by the name of the place, there was no pain and it was purely pleasure to be found here....
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Hello and welcome!! How, did you find me. I am Gabi, an Austrian from the western part of my beautiful country, from the town Dornbirn in the (for most people unknown) province Vorarlberg. I lived 7 years in Asia (4 years Taiwan and 3 years Japan) and came back to Austria in late 1998.
After my return from Japan, I decided to go to Spain to go to school once more to learn Spanish. After searching through the travel magazines I choosed to go to Malaga. Here you can see the bull-ring and a street. I was living with a spanish family.
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We are Reno and Marck and we live in a place called Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.We have a few holiday pics of us put on this site. If you like you can visit them. Also you can mail us with your comment.
(about my Englisch perhaps)
Just mail to: or We hope to hear from you,
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